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14-4 Development focuses on the maturation of literary material for drama and dark comedy. Our
goal is to develop stories based on the human spirit.
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"Perdido" - Released January 2017
14-4 Development creates content network for customizing non-commissioned product
The Anonymous Executive is now available upon request.
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"Gizmo - The Incredible Canine" seeking Private Equity
"Solitary Man" A Novel set for 2017 delivery date

Solve exposition problems by making the audience curious about your story. Once the audience is intrigued, you're no longer giving them exposition -- you're answering their questions.

If filmmaking is about subtext, if it really is about mirroring life in a way where people communicate this way, then supporting characters have a lower degree of deception, and the main characters, as the greater the role in the plot, must have a greater distance from the truth.



"The Contenders" TV Pilot

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"Darlington Way" a feature film project added to Development link


"The Opportunist"
Take a look at this off beat dramedy about university life and career success.READ MORE


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